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Custom mail tracking via X-NZ-Track header

Some of our users requested more flexibility when choosing how they want their emails to be tracked.

We have implemented the mail header X-NZ-Track which can take any of the following options separated by comma:

  • open – enable email open tracking by adding the pixel image
  • click – enable tracking of links in both html and plain text version
  • txt_click – enable tracking of links just in the plain text version
  • html_click – enable tracking of links just in the html version

If the header is used it overrides acount settings.


X-NZ-Track: open,click
// tracks both open and click in html and plain text version

X-NZ-Track: txt_click
// tracks just click in plain text version

Custom parameters (tags) inside your emails

Some of our customers requested unsubscribe links inside the transactional emails. We just had to copy some code from the sister project: NewsmanApp and voilla.

Supported parameters (tags):
##NEWSMAN:unsubscribe## – will generate an unique unsubscribe link
##NEWSMAN:view_online## – will generate a unique view online link

Quick example:

You can unsusbscribe by clicking <a href="##NEWSMAN:unsubscribe##">here</a>.