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How to tag your emails X-NZ-Tags

For transactional emails, reporting is usually calculated per day, since there is no such thing as a campaign. Transactional emails are usually one to one. We have come up with Tag concept for emails in order to group some emails (by tags). By using the email tags, it’s now easy to check reports for a specific group of emails. For example: order_confirmation or signup.

NewsmanSMTP supports multiple tags per email.

Adding the tags is straight forward: Use X-NZ-Tags email header. Tags are separated by comma.


X-NZ-Tags: order_confirmation,customer_101

The email tagging feature is also supported in the REST API.
Tags can pe added in the message.send method.

How do i use SMTP for transactional messages ?

Here is a quick example of howto use our servers for sending out transactional messages:

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