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Newsman API » Newsman API 1.0 » Account » account.history

Newsman Api Method: account.history

Prototype: account.history($key, $account_id, $date, $action, $count, $before_timestamp, $tag)

Description: Returns an array of actions descendant sorted for this account

Each entry of the result has the following format:
   action: < string >, # name of the action
   timestamp: < int >, # timestamp int representing the time of the action
   data: < dict >, # dictionary with action specific details

Return: struct

Variable Type Description
$key string API key
$account_id string
$date date if date is present it must be in format YYYY-mm-dd in your local timezone and it limits the results to that specific day (eg: usefull when listing by days). If not present “before_timestamp” is used only.
$action string the name of the action which can be send, view, click, unsub, bounce, spam, reject
$count integer limit the number of results (must be between 50 and 10000 inclusive), default: 50
$before_timestamp timestamp timestamp (int or float – seconds since epoch) used to navigate between the results. If not present current time is used.
$tag string limit the search for this tag only

Curl Code Example

curl -G \
	-d key=89sdfsdsdfbg888977232kkdh \
	-d account_id=test90210 \
	-d date=2013-10-07 \
	-d action=send \
	-d count=120