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Newsman Api Method: event.track

Prototype: event.track($key, $account_id, $email, $event_name, $event_data, $event_timestamp, $ttl)

Description: Tracks an event for this particular email address. Returns the event id (string).

Return: string (event id)

Variable Type Description
$key string API key
$account_id string
$email string email to which this event is attached
$event_name string name of event (can be any string with [0-9a-z_]*)
$event_data json string json string with event data (optional)
$event_timestamp timestamp timestamp of the event (if None – current time stamp is used)
$ttl int time to live for this tracked event (max 1 year)

Curl Code Example

curl -G \
	-d key=98s98fd7lkjsdlkj9993999 \
	-d account_id=test90210 \
	-d \
	-d event_name=checkout_done